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Natural Breast Enlargement

no-surgeryThere are now an alarming number of women who are going under the knife for breast augmentation. As of 2011, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released a report stating that there are over 13,000 women (a 77% increase from last year’s number) who have undergone breast surgery for a variety of reasons. First off, breast implantation is expensive. A single operation can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Second, there are always risks associated to any kind of invasive procedure. Complications can happen to just about anyone and it could very well happen to you, too.

The Risks of of Implant Surgery

Surgical procedures  have its set of risks and complications. This is especially true with breast implantation which involves the insertion a foreign object inside the body.

One of biggest and the initial risk of getting a breast surgery is infection. A small lapse in the medical procedure can lead to large-scale infections and possibly, even life-threatening conditions. Apart from that, it is especially difficult to treat infection with silicon implanted in the area.

Another very serious complication is rupture. Sometimes, the implant can break and leak out dangerous substances while implanted inside the body. This can be caused by mechanical force or by the use of substandard implants. Repairing the problem is very expensive. This will usually require another kind of surgery for the removal and replacement of the leaking implant – a procedure which can cost you several hundreds or even thousands of dollars more.

There is also the danger of capsular contraction. Capsular contraction happens when the scar tissue forming around the cut portion tightens and squeezes the implant inside. This can create mild to severe discomfort, and in some cases, unbearable pain to patients. Again, to relieve the pain, women need to undergo another surgical procedure to remove the scar tissue and release the pressure.

These are just a few of the many possible complications that can happen with breast surgery. What many women do not know however, is that it is still possible to increase their bust size, without ever going under the knife. This is because there are now a number of non-invasive procedures that can produce the very same effect.

Breast Implants and Breast Feeding

Breast augmentation surgery has become a typical household discussion in our society. It is getting more common and more affordable each day, and today people are trying new techniques to inhibit breast growth, some of these are natural remedies and some of them are surgeries. There are many techniques of breast augmentation that have gained a lot of popularity in our media lately, and when you are a mother who is going to soon be breast feeding, it is important to pay attention to what sort of effect can be caused by these breast augmentations, and how they will affect the child.

With the increase of mothers with breast implants, we have continued to see a rise in silicone illness in children, rising constantly since 1992. This was thought to be fatal to the child at first, but after many studies, we see that there is no danger, and that silicone particles are much too thick to pass through the milk ducts.

Eventually breast augmentation started to become primarily Saline implants and these Saline particles are smaller, but even with the possibility of it reach the milk ducts, the Saline is safe for the child and won’t cause harm to either the mom or the child.

Breast augmentation, if done a certain way, can make it difficult for a mother to produce milk. This is why if you are planning to have a child one must communicate this to the doctor consulting them about the breast implants. It is important to make sure that the incisions and surgery leave the milk ducts completely intact. You will still be able to have the augmentation surgery; you just want it to be done in a manner that doesn’t hinder your breast-feeding. If one is still worried about the surgery hindering their ability to produce breast milk, there are many alternatives, such as creams and pills.

Increase Breast Size without Surgery


Breast enhancement pills have become quite the thing to rave about lately; often these are composed of completely natural ingredients and work to naturally induce the breast into growing and developing. The pills interact with the breast tissue hormonal receptors and cause them to become more sensitive, they also can increase estrogen. You will soon see your breasts begin to naturally grow and develop as well as increase in firmness. Usually these medications will be coupled with some basic breast exercises to inhibit further development, and can yield results within a month.

With so many single young women wanting to increase their breast size, these breast enhancement pills can be a great alternative to surgery. They are safe, effective, and almost completely natural. They also work to increase firmness and not cause your breasts to look as if they didn’t grow that way completely naturally, while also leaving your milk ducts intact for any breast-feeding needs in the future.

One of the most common and the most highly recommended non-invasive procedures today are the breast enhancement pills.  Breast enhancement pills work by stimulating the body to naturally produce the hormones estrogen and progesterone.  These hormones are responsible in the growth of the tissues as well as the glands of the breast.  The result is a firmer and a larger sized breast.

Unlike breast surgery, breast enhancement pills are safer in the sense that it does not involve any invasive procedures.  Aside from that, breast enhancement pills only work by stimulating the body to produce more hormones in a natural and safe way, unlike breast surgery wherein foreign objects, such as silicon, are introduced into the body to get that fuller sized breast.  Herbal pills are one of the most common non-invasive treatments and are considered as one of the best natural alternatives.

But before buying a breast enhancement pill, make sure that you do your research first. Go out of your way to find product reviews and write-ups about the product’s affectivity and its safety concerns. There are some brands that may require you to live certain lifestyles, and so learn about them as much as you can.

Many breast enhancement pill products will recommend you to avoid coffee or any product that contains caffeine. Caffeine can mess up your hormone balance and interfere with breast tissue development.

Clinical studies have also revealed that women who decrease their carbohydrate intake show the best treatment results. This is probably because low-carbohydrate diet somehow helps improve the body’s ability to absorb the medication, thereby, maximizing its effects.

Lastly, always follow the manufacturer’s dosage instructions. You will not get larger breasts faster by simply taking more pills than recommended. Pick and use the product wisely and you should be able to see results in no time at all.

Aside from that, natural supplements increase the sensitivity of the hormonal receptors located in the breast tissues.  Over time, this leads to an increase in breast size as well as a change in the firmness of the breast. Breast enhancement creams on the other hand work very much similarly with breast enhancement pills. The main ingredient of the product, the wild yam extract, has natural estrogenic effects that can stimulate the production of breast tissue. So far, the product has received fairly good reviews in the market. Results have been reported to manifest after four weeks of regular use.

So how can you tell exactly which product to use and what brands to stay away from? It all boils down to what you know. If you find yourself interested on a certain breast enhancement pill, get to know the product as much as you can and read as many reviews as you can. Do your own research. If possible, ask for a medical professional’s advice. Also, choose a brand that has been approved of use by the Food and Drug Administration.

You really do not have to go under the knife and spend thousands of dollars for breast augmentation. This is because there are a number of non-invasive alternatives available in the market for you to try. All you need to do is to find good and safe products that can give you effective and real results.

Remember, the kind of brand that you use can make or break the results. So take your time as you shop. Again, go over as many products as you possibly can and select brands that show great feedbacks among product users and if possible, those that are backed up by real scientific data.

Foods for Breast Enhancement

We’ve all heard the term “you are what you eat” but did you know that your bust will become what you eat as well? It’s true! There are some foods that naturally limit the size your breasts can naturally become and then foods that actually stimulate the development of larger breasts.

It may seem impossible that eating the right foods could help you enlarge your breasts, but once you know how breast size is determined inside the body it will make a lot more sense to you.

Hormones and Breast Size

The female hormone "estrogen" has a lot to do with the amount of fat stored in the breasts, and thus how big the breasts become. Women who suffer from hormonal imbalances can suffer from reduced or exaggerated breast size that makes them uncomfortable or sometimes disappointed.

They type and amount of food you consume directly affects your hormonal levels and fluctuations, which is why you can eat certain foods while avoiding others to see some difference in the size of your breasts.

The best thing you can do to enhance not only your breast size but all functioning inside your body is eat a healthy diet rich in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Stay away from fatty foods with little to no nutritional value and load up on fresh produce and other foods that will give your body the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients needed to function properly.

A well cared for body is better able to fight off disease and regulate hormones, which has a direct effect on your breast size.

Nature’s Estrogen Supplement

The best foods for breast enhancement are rich in something called phytoestrogen. This is essentially a natural compound that is extremely close to the estrogen produced in human bodies. You can essentially eat foods rich in phytoestrogen and consider them a natural supplement for the levels of estrogen in your body.

You get phytoestrogens from plant foods, including:

These are all foods that you should incorporate into your diet on a consistent basis if your goal is to increase bust size.

Follow Your Mother’s Advice

Did your mother require you to eat every last green bean from your plate when you were a child? Parents have always known that vegetables would make their children grow big and strong, but they might not have realized that vegetables pack in the fiber which is great for those trying to enhance the size of their bust.
When you eat vegetables (especially leafy greens) on a daily basis, you feel full for longer periods of time and take in lots of fiber and other nutrients that are good for your body’s overall health. There are tons of health benefits from eating raw vegetables or freshly juiced vegetables, and helping your breasts gain size could be one of them.

Fresh fruit can also give your body the nutrients it needs to grow healthier, stronger, and larger in the breast department.

Supplementing Your Diet

It is incredibly hard to eat the high quantities of food that you would need to substantially increase the size of your breasts. This is why you should consider taking a breast enhancement supplement while consuming foods that will give your breasts that natural lift it deserves.